Beke Lubeach and Jake

Dogs are the best, aren’t they? They give us love and affection, make us laugh, and never, ever tell our secrets. So it just makes sense that we want to give a little something back to them. But let’s face it. Buying toys, treats, food, grooming and vet care adds up pretty quickly. That’s why I created Dog E-Discounts: To help pet parents find the products and services that will keep their dogs happy and healthy – at big savings!

Dogs are also part of the family, and more and more people are including them in their daily activities and travel.  Because of this fairly new phenomena, I am reaching out to pet-friendly businesses like restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, fun activities and other businesses to include them as business partners to provide to our members.  Since this is meant to be a community, I’d love your input as well!  If you find a great product, service or event that you’d like to see join Dog E-Discounts, give us a shout out.  We’ll definitely look into bringing them onboard.

Since we’re getting to know each other, I thought I’d share a bit more about the inspiration behind my career in the pet industry, my dog Jake.  As you will see Jake is the official spokesdog for Dog E-Discounts.  He’s earned this honor over the past 11 ½ years.  Jake and I have been a team since he rescued me when he was  1 1/2 years old.  I found Jake residing at the County of San Diego Animal Services Shelter and we’ve had a remarkable life journey over the past 10 years. Jake has helped me launch DOGTV, the first television channel designed to help relax and entertain stay-at-home dogs. He has also touched the lives of both children and adults through his advocacy for the Adopt Don’t Shop movement, pet anxiety awareness programs, his work with foster youth, and senior pet adoption and awareness. And since he was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, he has helped bring awareness to the Animal Cancer Foundation.

Along the way, Jake and I have discovered many national and local pet products and services that make a real difference for dogs and their parents. We want to share them with you! Becoming a member of the Dog E-Discount Membership Community will give you and your pup access to the very best information, products, services and entertainment – all at prices that’ll make your tail wag. So come join us on the journey!

Thank you for trusting to provide you with the best products and information we can find to help keep your pups HAPPY & HEALTHY!

Best regards,

Beke Lubeach

Founder, Dog E-Discounts