The cold and snow of winter is finally thawing out. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and it’s probably a beautiful day. For months, you’ve been anxiously awaiting for Spring and now that it’s finally here, presenting endless opportunities for outdoor fun in the sun with your playful pup, you have no idea what to do, right?

Well, here are the top 10 Springtime activities you can do with your dog:

  1. Learn a few new tricks. Perhaps you and your pup can check out a local obedience class where your dog can brush up on their commands and get some much needed socialization. Or bring out your old skates or skateboard and teach your dog how to skate or run along beside you. Want a dance partner to be goofy with? Your pup may be the perfect fit. Dogs love nothing more than learning new tricks and pleasing their pet parents, so have fun with whatever you decide to teach them.
  1. Visit a dog beach or park. Dogs need room to roam, romp, and be free. Dog parks are everywhere, and are a great place for your pup to get in some much needed exercise and playtime, while also being social. If you live on or near a coastal community, there’s a good chance your beach has a section specifically for dogs. The sand makes a fun new tactile adventure, and the foaming waves rolling in make for a splash of a good time.
  1. Plan a doggie date. Dogs are generally social animals that enjoy spending time with other dogs. Getting your dog together with other dogs for a little doggie date is a great way for them and you to make new friends and have fun together.
  1. Play a game of fetch. This is a tried and true exercise that brings endless joy to your fur baby, and can be amusing for you as well. Head outside with some of their favorite toys (and maybe even some new ones). Toss one at a time, or let loose and throw  a bunch so they can choose their favorite to bring back to you. Throw a Frisbee for some long distance fetch and a small chew toy for short runs. Slobber and laughs are sure to follow.
  1. Take a walk. Your dog needs exercise as much as you do. So why not exercise together? Grab your sneakers, click on the leash, and take your dog out for a walk around the neighborhood. They’ll marvel at the various smells and sights while you both stretch your legs, and get in some cardio.
  1. Plant a garden. Dogs love playing and digging in the garden. For extra fun, plant a dog-safe garden and then let your pup roam freely in it, whether munching on the greens or digging holes in the dirt. It may be a messy activity, but it’s sure to bring about lots of smiles, both from you and your pup.  Dog-safe gardens can include peppermint, rosemary, gardenias, gerber daisies and lots of fresh green grass munch on and roll around in.
  1. Enjoy a camping trip. Most dogs love the adventures of the the great outdoors, and if your dog is trained around campfires and open food, take them along with you to enjoy a weekend of camping. Enjoy long walks, hikes, fishing and other fun activities during the day, and at night you can cuddle up together beneath a canopy of stars. Bring lots of sunscreen and make sure your dog is a on good flea/tick and heartworm regimen before heading out.
  1. Build an obstacle course – Put out some cones, throw down a couple logs, maybe even erect a tunnel, and  you’ve built a homemade obstacle course. It may take a few practice runs and lots of treats, but soon  you’ll be leading your dog through a custom made obstacle course. Invite your friends over with their dogs and you can start your own backyard Doggy Olympics, complete with prizes, doggy treats and tons of fun and laughs.
  1. Get wet. If your dog loves water, go ahead and turn on the hose. Then sit back and watch your pup (and kids)  run back and forth, soaking up the spray. Or if you have pool or nearby lake, let you dog go for a swim. Your dog will love showing off his doggy paddle. You can even bring out a water safe toys to play fetch with. For large bodies of water, be sure there’s a lifeguard on duty in case the water gets too deep or there’s a riptide, and always dry out your dog’s ears afterward as some breeds are prone to ear infections. Also, dogs that are playing in or near water may not be drinking it, so keep a clean, fresh bowl of water nearby to ensure good hydration.  
  1.  Set up a photo session – This one’s great if you want to show off your dog and their various poses and styles. Go ahead and get in on a few shots with your dog, too. Dress them up. Get some action shots at a local park or on the beach. Have fun with it. Smartphones today can take brilliant high quality photos, so there are endless opportunities to get great pictures – just point, click, and post for dozens of likes and shares on your social media accounts.

Spring is an exciting time for dogs and people alike. The new smells of flowers and trees blooming, the sight of kids playing, and adults walking with a little skip in their step, excited for the longer days, and warmer nights, brings about a renewed energy and excitement. So, get off the couch, soak in some sun, get in a little exercise, and shake off the winter frost by springing into action with one or more, or even all, of these fun springtime ideas.