Prepare For Summer With These Essential Tips


At Dog-E Discounts, we strive to provide our members with valuable discounts on essential items and services to keep their pup as happy as possible. Your dog is your best friend, your constant companion, and the source of a lot of joy within your life. Because of this, we understand that you want to make sure that they are as happy as possible. In today’s post, we are going to go over some of the most essential things you can do to make sure that your canine companion is ready for the approaching season. Continue reading below to learn more.


Dogs Love Summer. Help Them Enjoy it Even More With These Tips


After a long cold winter, we’re willing to bet that your dog is ready to take advantage of some of that sweet summer weather. To make sure that they enjoy their summer as much as possible, we have listed some essential summer tips below that we feel all dog owners should pay attention to.



  • Manage That Mane: While this tip applies mostly to dogs with longer coats, we felt that it was important to mention. Summertime in Phoenix, as we all know, can get brutally hot. Humans have a hard enough time coping with the heat, so just imagine if you were forced to wear a fur coat all season long. Before it gets too hot outside, we suggest that you take your pup to a grooming service to get them a haircut. Not only will your dog look super fresh, they’ll also be much more comfortable. While we aren’t suggesting that you have your dog completely shaved, giving them a solid trim will go a long way in ensuring that they don’t overheat while they are playing.
  • Dog Booties: Have you ever tried to walk on a sidewalk barefoot during the summer? If you have, you are probably well aware of the fact that sidewalks can get uncomfortably hot when exposed to direct sunlight for hours on end. While humans have shoes to cope with this annoyance, your pup isn’t so lucky. While your dog’s feet are certainly tougher than yours, those hot sidewalks can still cause them some discomfort. To fix this issue, we suggest that you invest in some booties for your dog. While they may not be excited to wear them at first, trust us, they’ll silently be thanking you later.
  • Toys: Summertime is a great time to take your pup to the dog park and let them have some much-needed play time. While we are sure that you have plenty of toys at home for your dog to play with, special summer toys are a must for any dog owner. These toys can include tennis balls, frisbees, or any other item that can be used to play fetch. Not only will your dog love running after these items and “catching” them, it’s a great way to make sure that your furry friend is getting some exercise.
  • Hiking Packs: As many a dog owner already knows, hiking with your pup can be a great time. It gets you both out of the house, let’s you experience nature together and gives your dog plenty of opportunities to find new, interesting smells. But, why not take this experience to the next level? Equipping your dog with a hiking pack not only turns your dog into your own personal porter, it’s a great way to increase your dog’s stamina and overall health. Adding just a little extra weight allows your dog to “weight train”, so to speak, and can turn a leisurely hike into an exercise opportunity.

We here at Dog-E discounts hope that this blog has been informative and that it has given you a few ideas on how to ensure that your dog has the best summer possible. If you’re in the market for any of the above mentioned items or services, please visit our website today before making any purchases. Through our exclusive Dog-E Discount membership program, you will be given access to a wide range of discounts for multiple dog related businesses throughout the Phoenix area. Visit our website today to learn how much you could be becoming a member!