Your Pooch Needs These Essential Items


Here at Dog-E discounts, we are all about dogs. Dog’s are considered man’s best friend for a reason and it is our mission to help out our furry friends across the nation in any way that we can. To achieve this goal, we offer our members a wide range of discounts on essential dog products and services so that they can provide their pup (or pups) with everything that they need without breaking the bank. While we realize that seasoned dog owners are well aware of the items that their pooch wants and needs, we thought we would use today’s post to help out the new comers of the dog world. Below, we have listed a few essential items that we feel every dog should have access to in order to ensure that they live the happiest and healthiest life possible. Continue reading to find out more!


Dogs Need Accessories Too


While food, water, and veterinary care are all essential to the health and happiness of your dog, there are a few more things that you can provide for your pooch to make sure that they are aw well taken care of as possible. Like humans, dogs require more than the absolute basics to be happy and, below, we have listed just a few things that we feel every dog should have access to.



  • Collar/Leash: While these items may seem like a no brainer to most dog owners, we still felt that it was necessary to include them on our list. While your dog might be resistant to a collar at first, it is important that they wear one as often as possible. Not only can you put a tag on the collar with your personal information in the event that your dog becomes lost, you can also put any important vaccination tags on the collar as well. Many cities require that dogs are up to date on all vaccinations and a collar is a great way to show that your pooch is up to city standards. In addition to your pup’s collar, a leash is a must have accessory because, one again, many cities require that a dog be on a leash at all time unless they are in a designated dog park or their own home’s yard.
  • Toys: Dog’s, by nature, are playful creatures. Anyone who has spent time around a canine friend can attest to the fact that many dogs seem to have limitless energy when it comes to playtime. To help channel this energy into action, we suggest that you provide your dog with a wide range of toys so that they have something to play with when the time comes. Tennis balls, ropes, chew toys, and a wide range of other accessories make great toys for your dog and should be high on your list of essential items. Toys are not only fun for your dog, they can also help to keep your dog from destroying other items in your household. Remember, if you don’t provide your dog with a chew toy, they will find one themselves.
  • Crate: While some dog owners are hesitant to crate train their dogs, we feel that providing your dog with a crate is a great training tool that also doubles as a safe space for your pooch. By starting early with crate training, your dog will, over time, come to identify the crate as their own personal “room”. The crate will be the place they want to go when they need a snooze, are feeling anxious, or simply want some time alone to reflect upon their doggy thoughts. Plus, crate training is a great way to help potty train your pup.

While the list of essential dog supplies is much longer than the short one we have composed above, we feel that these items are a great baseline for every dog owner. If you are in need of dog supplies, please visit Dog-E Discounts before making any purchases. By joining our membership program, you will be given exclusive access to a  wide range of dog related discounts on products and services that you and your pup need. Don’t spend more than you have to, contact us today and let us help you start saving.