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There are a few questions that first time dog owners almost always ask. Some questions are easy to Google, some you learn with time and experience, and some you just do the best that you can. A common question from new pet parents is, “What is the best dog chew? What are the best things for dogs to chew on?” Those are great questions, and sometimes even seasoned dog owners find themselves wondering about the best chew treats for their dogs.

Every dog is different, so finding the best chews is more complicated than just finding the best dog treat brand (although finding a trustworthy brand is very important). One of the most important pieces of information for finding the right chew for your dog is knowing their chew type or chew personality.

What’s Their Chew Type?
There are three types of chewers: Aggressive Chewers, Passive Chewers, and Moderate Chewers. When looking for the right chew for your dog, you’ll want to identify what kind of chewer you have.

While some dogs just have a stronger drive to chew, there are many reasons dogs chew. Dogs chew out of boredom, stress, and loneliness. If your dog chews everything when left alone, it may be a problem of loneliness and stress or separation anxiety. In those cases, you may need to take some additional steps but chews are a good tool to have as you work on a solution.

Aggressive Chewers (also known as ‘power chewers’, ‘strong chewers’ or ‘tough chewers’)
If you’ve ever Googled “indestructible dog toys” or “dog chews everything,” you probably have an aggressive chewer. While there are some breeds commonly associated with being strong chewers, the truth is that any breed and any size dog can be an aggressive chewer. I have a pair of power chewer miniature dachshunds that chew everything. Small size does not always mean small chew drive!

Whether it’s a personality trait or from an emotional cause, it is important to provide aggressive chewers with the right chews. An aggressive chewer given the right outlets (like a good braided bully stick), will be less likely to gnaw on household objects.

Here are a few safe dog chews for aggressive chewers:
Bully Sticks (We recommend braided bully sticks or shaped bully sticks, because they tend to be more long lasting. The Pawstruck 9” Monster Braid is a great option for power chewers!)
Cow Ears
Tendons and jerkies

Certain chew types may also not be a good fit for aggressive chewers. High power chewers are more likely to swallow large pieces of their chews, so non-digestible chews can be more problematic. The best dog chews for aggressive chewers are those that are digestible. I would never recommend rawhide for aggressive chewers. All dogs should be supervised during chew times, and you’ll want to pay special attention to aggressive chewers.

People with strong chewers are often looking for the best dog bones for aggressive chewers. While it might seem counter intuitive, hard objects like bones are not recommended for strong chewers. Solid, hard chews like bones, antlers, and hooves can splinter under the strong chompers of power chewers and potentially even break teeth.

If you do decide to go with a dog bone for your aggressive chewer, we would recommend going with a filled or coated bone– this additional element will help to distract and occupy your dog and keep them from trying to eat the beef femur. You will also want to try to give bones to your power chewer after meal time so that they are chewing for pleasure rather than out of hunger.

Passive Chewers
If you feel like your dog is picky because they are rarely interested in chews or are very selective about what things they will chew on, they may be a passive chewer. Even soft chews tend to last a while for passive chewers, because they may lose interest after a short time or gnaw more slowly. This isn’t to say that passive chewers won’t have a few things that they love to munch on, but will likely be more selective.

If you’re saying to yourself, “my dog is a picky eater, what can I do?” You may need to look for dog chews that are especially enticing since their chew drive is lower. For instance, bully coated products or bones and hooves with a tasty filling. These are some of the best dog chews for passive chewers because they motivate dogs to try a chew. For some dogs, once you can interest them they are much more likely to continue chewing.

Moderate Chewers
Moderate chewers are the most variable of the three chew personalities. A moderate chewer might show some signs of pickiness like a passive chewer, but will munch through other treats as quickly as an aggressive chewer. Trial and observation are especially important parts of choosing the right items for moderate chewers. Take note of which items your dog absolutely loves, which ones they work on more slowly, and which items they have little to no interest in. You’ll want to vary between the items they’ll devour and the ones that take them hours or days to finish.

Know Your Dog
If you’ve been buying dog chew treats for awhile now, you will know your dog’s preferences best. If your pup rejects all things pork, pig ears won’t be the right choice for you. You’ll also need to be aware of any allergies and keep those in mind while searching for chews. Always consult with your vet if you have concerns. This is especially important if your dog has a special diet. If your dog has health concerns, the best dog chew treats are vet recommended dog chews.
Reconsider what long lasting means
Looking for the best long lasting dog chews? Keep in mind that long lasting is relative. Some customers consider a chew long lasting because it holds up for more than 20 minutes. Others complain if the chew doesn’t last for days. This is another instance where knowing your dog is important. If your dog eats a cow ear in 15 minutes, you won’t want to buy them something like lamb ears, which are much smaller. Similarly, a 12 inch bully stick might last one of your dogs for hours while a puppy might demolish it in minutes. Remember that every dog is different and be realistic about how long a consumable product could or should last.

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