1. Why I’m Proud To Call Myself A Dog Mom

    Yes, I call myself Jake’s Mom...but honestly what else would I call myself?  Jake’s Owner, Jake’s Caregiver, Jake’s Person…..none of those seem appropriate for the relationship I’ve built with my dog.   Technically, I’m Jake’s Adoptive Mom since I didn’t give birth to him.  I ha…Read More

  2. Do You Know Your Dog’s “Chew” Personality? Here’s How to Choose the Right Chew for Your Dog

    Thanks so much to our friends at Pawstruck.com.  They have provided us with expert advice on how to choose the right choose the right chew for your dog.  Enjoy!- Jake from Dog E-Discounts There are a few questions that first time dog owners almost always ask. Some questions are easy to Google, som…Read More